Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Punk Cake

Well, I've been away for a while! Hey everyone! Lots of things to show when I finally get the pictures developed. I feel like my wardrobe is completely crappy now and so I haven't really been inspired enough to do OOTD. But here's a blurry picture of me

I'm also trying to organise my room so that it's tidier and more 'me'. I've never had my own room before so I've kind of gone overboard and filled it with 'stuff' but I love stuff. This is my favourite corner where my records, player and bass guitar Jonesy, live. Hopefully, there'll be an amp in that corner soon.

record collection, female bassist, teenage bedroom

I've been following a japanese street fashion blog on tumblr and it's through them that I found out about punk cake
punk cake clothing, japanese street style,

I am in love with these jeans. I really don't like blue jeans but I love these because of the patches. D.I.Y project, methinks. Also, look at the shoeeees.

punk cake clothing, japanese fashion

punk cake clothing, japanese street style, japanese fashion

It's a vintage and new clothing store in Japan and I love the 80s punk and collegiate thing they have going on. I've been fascinated by Japanese clothes and fashion subcultures for a really long time now. What inspires me most though is their bravery. It seems like they're completely ready to wear whatever makes them happy and comfortable no matter how it looks to other people. I also love that despite the numerous style subcultures in Japan, they don't seem restrictive. I've seen various 'streetstyle models' dressing in one style in one snap, and another the next week.


  1. This looks like a super cool store, I am going to check it
    I am inviting you to enter my JollyChic Easter Giveaway

  2. I know this store! I haven't been to yet though..
    when i go to tokyo next time,definitely i have to go! :D

  3. What I love about Japanese streetstyle is that there are no rules, they don't live by them or by what's trendy. It's admirable! That 1980s punk vibe is just amazing. Those black and white shoes, dear lord... Gimme now!
    Organising our bedroom does wonders for our sanity ahah

    1. me too! i love that there are no rules! and yes definitely therapeutic reorganising bedrooms hehe xx


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