Monday, 3 March 2014

Now who holds the shell shall be Caesar

I've been at home (London) for a couple of days now and it's great to relax and not have to be hurriedly writing essays. I've had time to practice with my bass and have just run through 'Do I Wanna Know. I also had a little look back at my journal entries for February which I'll put up here as I love seeing other people's journals.

Then I decided to look through my itunes and see all the old music I hadn't played for years and found I Blame Coco and I remember how obsessed I was with Eliot Sumner's husky voice and serious jaw line and amazing style. Ahhh now I have to print all these pictures out to put in my journal as style inspo. I love the crisp white shirts (button down white shirts are my favourite thing ever!) , jackets and shorts and androgyny. She's so beaaaaaautiful!

council housing, eleanor hardwick bleak house
a. Still from I Blame Coco - Caesar; b.Bleak House - Eleanor Hardwick for Rookie Mag

from whoresatthedoor
In my last post I was talking about the grittier aesthetic of London, and it made me revisit Eleanor Hardwick's Bleak House which is an amazing shoot. I live on an estate but for some reason I've only ever taken photos of it once so I'm definitely going to do that before I go back to Brighton.

i blame coco, eliot sumner, arabelle sicardi, smudged makeup
a,b,c-stills from I Blame Coco-Caesar; Arabelle

I love this blurred make up- crown thing that is going on with Eliot and Arabelle Sicardi

and of course Hole's album art for Live Through This. I was brave enough to wear my huge blue petticoat to uni last week (which eventually I hope to sew into a Comme des Garcons style skirt) so maybe I'll put on some make-up, watch the moment Matthew McConaughey wins Best Actor instead of bby Leo, and then rock it to lectures.


So yarr, that sums up what inspired me this weekend. Anyone a fan??

Eliot Sumner images from Tumblr


  1. Her style is just so amazing! x

  2. Photos of estates are always the polar opposite of what it is actually like to live in one, which I always find quite odd. (Though that's not the case in some circumstances.)

    I used to live on Rowley Way (the estate in those Eleanor photos) and it was a pretty bad place to live, and that is a massive understatement. Either way, it's nice to see it in a different light from all the bad business that has plagued the place (stabbings, animal killings - which I used to see regularly out of my window, etc.) and it is used quite regularly in films/photo shoots.

    Would love to see the photos of the place your'e living in in Hackney, though! Get snapping away, dude.

    1. Yes I completely agree with you. That's what I first thought when I saw Eleanor's photos. I had heard a lot about Rowley Way. I guess I can relate living in a bad place. The estate is definitely a lot better than it is now but gangs used to hang around there and there'd be quite a lot of arson and robbery. It is really weird that photos of estates are the opposite of life on an estate.

      I also used to think about how different life on an estate is compared to what the designers and the constructors originally imagined

      I'll definitely take some pics of mine :) Thanks this was a great comment x

  3. i completely agree, her style is flawless! ,love the song, its so angsty xx
    The Frill Seeker

  4. she is fab

  5. Ahh bass guitars rule would you ever post a vid of you playing? Ooh gonna download some eliot right now! ARABELLE AND HOLE RULE! Maybe ill channel them for prom hmm.. love these photos btw! :)

  6. I have thought about putting a vid up. I'll have to get a lotttttttt better first!! agh!!! if you did channel Arabelle and Courtney for prom you would look so rad! you'd look great anyway!! <3

  7. oh wow, i love her style! it's so perf <3 x

  8. Procrastination is my no 1 enemy too, tbh I always say that I'm my own enemy really. I remember liking Eliots style at one point, but I could never get into her music.

    Also, I really like what you wrote below about conflicts with style and image. I appreciate people who have this sort of uniform/specific style, but consistency has never been for me. Theres too many wonderful influences to play with and too many days to play with peoples vision of you to not dress in a varied way. Having a love of specefic things, whilst being open to everything has always suited me.

    Sofie <3

    1. Thank you <3 I agree it took me a while but I prefer being open to everything too x

  9. I adore Eleanor Hardwick's work. I grew up in a very rough area in Essex, and those pictures really remind me of the way I saw it then, through a rosy child's lens, beautiful in its ugliness. xx

    1. 'beautiful in it's ugliness' love that <3


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