Sunday, 9 March 2014

I wish I could write stories like Wes Anderson

Well this is a mish mash of stuff that I've been up to/inspired by this week. I've recently discovered Stellar Leuna's work on tumblr. She's an amazing illustrator and I'm obsessed:

Reminds me a little of Daniel Clowes. Despite all the bullshit that's on tumblr, finding art like this is why I love it. Their clothes are amazing! I feel like I'm destined to be forever lusting after the clothes of fictional characters.
 I'd love to have her artwork on a tshirt. I kind of want to turn Daniel Clowes' Ugly Girls into either a patch or a tshirt. D.I.Y or die! I know... it's not really making clothes but still!

the grand budapest hotel, wes anderson, wes anderson fashion,

Now: The Grand Budapest Hotel came out yesterday and I went to see it in a cinema in Brighton Marina. It was a really foggy/misty night; it's like the universe knew what Day it was. I definitely did: I wore purple to match.
*elongated scream* It was amaaazing! Ugh, Wes. Seriously. You're a genius. It was aesthetic perfection, of coursem and I was just completely swept away. Ralph Fiennes was perfection. Literally. Like Flawless. And I think Gustave H. is one of the best characters Wes has written.

grand budapest hotel, wes anderson fashion, wes anderson

wes anderson, grand budapest hotel, wes anderson fashion

There was so much sartorial goodness too. From the VERY FIRST SCENE I was like "ugh, I need that coat. And those shoes." I picked out some screencaps from the trailers and featurette as to not spoil the film. Although, there are some images from throughout the film on tumblr so if you don't mind, here's the tag.

wes anderson fashion, grand budapest hotel, adrien brody, willem defoe

Willem Defoe's jacket was epic. He should wear it all the time. (And I swear from now on Adrien Brody will never age. Also, he looks, a tiny bit, like when he played Salvador Dali in Midnight in Paris)

grand budapest hotel, tilda swinton, wes anderson fashion, grand budapest hotel fashion

This film is defintely a lot darker than Wes' other films. I think that's to do with the edge-of-fascism-1930s=Europe-setting and it translated into the clothes. yes there was the purples and pinks of the hotel and surrounding landscape and pastries but there was also a motif of black.

jeff goldblum glasses, jeff goldblum grand budapest hotel, jeff goldblum margiela

'Twas perfection. I feel like I could watch it again and again and again. But for now I will satisfy my Wes-thirst by reading Issue 1 of Wes Anderzine and waiting for issue 2, and writing. This is they thing about Wes' films. They always make me want to write.

What did you think of the film?

Aida x


  1. AHHHH!!!! I AM SO JEALOUS! Grand Budapest isn't out in my city yet :c :c :c so sad I was waiting !!!!

    1. When does it come out near you? agh! oops! i hope I haven't ruined anything! i only used the trailers! tell me what you think when you see it though :)

  2. Stella's work is just awesome!
    Wes Anderson's films always make me click pause every now and then so I can take a look at everything. I can't wait to see some 1930s aesthetics directed by him!

  3. I seriously haven't been properly motivated to use bloglovin until I got an email about this post and I connect with this on such a level that wow, thank you thank you I really owe you for inspiration.

    On another note, I have been looking forward to the Grand Budapest Hotel for a while but since I live in NZ I've still a while to wait before I can watch it (legally hehe) so I rewatched the Royal Tenenbaums again 2 nights ago and this is just awesome feedback I am properly excited to watch the film this

  4. I haven't seen grand budapest yet but I'm dying to! It looks amazing ugh <3

  5. The movie hasn't come out in Canada yet! (i think) I am so excited to see it I love Wes!
    Stella Leuna's drawings are amazing! They kind of remind me of Ghost World.


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